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ARGOMENTO: That's easy to say until you get hacked in RS

That's easy to say until you get hacked in RS 2 Settimane 4 Ore ago #14051

If you log into a PvP Earth, so what happens? Or should you suicide to an NPC? Their death system is quite different to ours therefore the odds of losing things that manner is a lot lower while at RS gold is high.It is better to prevent players from getting on your accounts than to limit just how much they can mess up when they log on. There are so many things that would need a pin and it undermines the whole thing if one is missed. At the stage, it is better to just have a login pin which is kinda what the Authenticator already is.

While individuals take measures such as banking everything till they log out. It isn't something that you should HAVE to do. It'd be cool to have this. You get hacked once you dced somewhere or when your internets outside, like imagine the rare chance. You wouldnt have managed to bank stuff. Didnt we have a dev about improving account safety not long ago with zero adjustments site?

That's easy to say until you get hacked. My primary is af that is old therefore the login is my username and my password was unique to the account. Since it has two factor authentication, my email was not compromised. Someone recovered my account because the hacker changed the password. The one thing that stopped the hacker was a bank pin but they tried to disable it. I only lost my whip, when I dropped the Bandos I'd finally saved up for at the moment but I probably would have ragequit.

It's mad this game has remained important to buy old school rs gold through the years.It's so simple to get into it and there is something appealing about the blend of simplicity and depth. I played with back with it around 2007 but stopped about a year reinstalled it. Had over my friend Tim and neither of us had ever seen the members side of matters. Doing agility in the tree was up magical. Such simpler times.
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